Injection systems involve the injection of aqueous solutions into the ground to treat expansive, collapsible, and desiccated clay and railroad subgrade mud pockets.

Injection systems

Common uses

Treat soils below planned and existing railways, roadways and buildings
Stabilise expansive soil
Cement embankment and levee slides
Stabilise railroad subgrades


The composition of the aqueous solution depends on the application. Injection units advance injection pipes into the treatment zone. An aqueous solution of water, lime slurry, cement slurry, or potassium chloride is injected to reduce shrink/swell potential for treatment of expansive soils.


Often more economical than conventional solutions like soil replacement
Can be used in areas with difficult access and limited space

Quality assurance

Keller can provide comprehensive solutions that combine sealing injection with real-time monitoring of reinforced structures. The company has a wide range of plant and equipment allowing us to work under many different conditions.